The eyes; they speak

The Secret in their Eyes (2009)  (El Secreto de sus Ojos)

Told in flashbacks and beautifully shot, this is an incredible story with elements of noirish thriller and unrequited love that intersect at the most human edge.

Benjamin is a retired cop, haunted by the one case he never solved and the one love that escaped him. 20 years after he failed to solve the brutal murder of a young woman, he returns to the story to try and make sense of his own place in the plot and find out what happened. What unfurls is a thrilling series of plot twists and turns, and ultimately a delicately told story of how trauma transforms us, and the desire for love and revenge engulfs us. Watch it with a glass of red and no distractions….

PS – This is NOT the one with Julia Roberts and Chewetel Ejifor – yes they are great in their own right, but no one needs a Hollywood remake of a film that won Best Internation Film Oscar 2010 in its own right….just saying.

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