Forget the story – check out the moves!

Now, I’m not an action fan, and as a general rule storyline is king – but sometimes I understand that when you come in from the pub at 11, and it seems like a good idea to watch a film with a Dominoes, you need something high on visuals and low on concentration requirements

Enter – Ong Bak. The original starring the incredible Tony Jaa

As with most martial arts films, the plot line is mostly irrelevent

Tony is some kind of levitating martial arts, free-running wizard in this film. What the film is about is really unimportant

its something about recapturing the head of a statue from the village temple if I remember rightly; but who cares? – lets watch some kick-ass fight scenes

You can read the subtitles if you want, but just as a visual explosion it really stands on its own merit, thanks to Tony and his incredible skills. When it first came out in 2003, Ong Bak was famously proud of its ‘no wires, no cgi or tricks of any kind’ status and when you see Tony jumping into splits position over an inconveniently placed rack of knives – well, that’s just him doing his magic. This is some next level Bruce Lee shit; the fight scenes are excellent, but the parkour element really adds to the thrill of the film.

Crack open another beer and get it on!

**Houston – we have a problem! Sadly it seems that Amazon are no longer screening this film. If you speak Hindi, you can watch a badly dubbed version on Youtube. It seems the copyright holders may have run into some licensing problems. If you find it anywhere else legit – let us know in the comments. Sorry guys!**

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