Tyrannosaur (2011)
Dir: Paddy Considine

You might want to swap your wine for whiskey for this feature – its more gritty than an egg sandwich on a windy day at the beach. Once you see it though, you will agree, its a brilliantly made film, written and directed by the incredibly talented Paddy Considine (Dead men’s shoes, A Room for Romeo Brass). I can’t wait to see his next feature ‘Journeyman’….but watch this one first.

Peter Mullan stars as the broken, angry widower Joseph who fills his days with drinking and getting into unnecessary and violent arguments. One day, trying to escape from the aftermath of one of his outbursts, he runs into the charity shop run by the quiet and timid Hannah (Olivia Coleman). Believing they have nothing in common, Joseph is typically derisory and venomous, but somehow he can’t seem to stay away. The unfolding friendship between the two leads to savage revelations about their personal histories as they look for resolution in each other.

This is not for the faint-hearted – but you’re a grown up, right? Have the remote on standby if you often feel the need to fast-forward people being mean to each other, or animals (I know, but….honestly, its still good. And also it’s not real. Its just a film. OK?) And watch out for a terrifying Eddie Marsan, doing crazy in his own inimitable style.

Click the image to watch on Prime now

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