Up In the Air

“This is all just stuff that leads to your eventual demise
and we are all on running clocks that can’t be slowed down or paused
and we all end up in the same place.

But if you think about it…your favourite memories; the most important memories in your life – were you alone?…” – Ryan Bingham

Meet Ryan Bingham, corporate high flyer and professional deliverer of bad news. He spends his life on the road and finds comfort in the contrived congeniality of welcome desks, priding himself on a massive air miles account and embossed loyalty cards. He is the consummate solo traveller; able to connect with strangers he is hired to fire but everso distant from friends and family.

We meet Ryan on the precipice of personal disaster, as efficiency drives in his company appear to signal a new way of working which means he is grounded. Indefinitely.
In a bid to turn this around, he takes the precocious Natalie (Anna Kendrick) with him on his travels thinking he’s got something to teach her about the importance of humanness in their line of work. Turns out it might be the other way around….

This is George as we know and love him best – charming but vulnerable. It’s essentially comedy, but it’s got a big heart and an intelligent script that takes you on a journey through the questions of connection and how easily we fool ourselves into comfortable yet unsatisfying routines of life.

Director Jason Reitman is second generation Hollywood A-list; his dad is responsible for National Lampoons, but dont let that cloud your judgement – this has all the humour but with an edge of humanity that makes it very satisfying viewing. Enjoy

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