From the Land of the Moon

Lunatic: A person considered to be mad, from the word ‘lunaticus’ or, ‘of the moon’

In the day-dreamy lavender fields of France, Gabrielle (the ever captivating Marion Cotillard) is suffering from the moon sickness – she’s a sensualist, in love with the idea of love, books, the river, her teacher – whatever touches her. Exasperated with her intense emotional outbursts, her parents arrange her marriage to the dour Jose, a passing farm hand.

Seeking an escape from the monotony of her family home, Gabrielle agrees to the partnership and leaves with Jose only to find her malady has reached her kidneys and she has to be interned in a spa to take the waters, as is the mode in the 1950’s. Whilst in the mountain retreat she meets a wounded veteran named Andre and her passions find a new preoccupation.


Cotillard is wonderfully wild as the woman sick with seeing love everywhere but unable to find a reflection for her passionate discontent. A beautiful film in many ways, the scenery alone may make you want to run away to rural France and have an affair, but it also prompts a whistful gaze into the difference between what is a hologram and what is right in front of you.

Watch now on Prime, or click the image below to watch on demand…

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