A ghost story

I was expecting a drama – I knew it wouldn’t be light, but I think this might be the saddest film I have ever seen (and I recently watched Manchester By The Sea; so the bar is high) I realise this doesn’t sound like a recommendation, but you’ll have to bear with me….

Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck are a young couple living together, sharing moments, when one of them is suddenly killed and turns into a ghost roaming the house they once shared. I’ve never seen long, meditatively silent scenes that have been so darkly put to use. It feels like a horror. The fact that the ghost is just an unrecognisable person in a white sheet, expressionless, speechless but just present in the continuing day to day life of the people left behind and the house itself speaks of the frightening ever-present darkness of grief.

It’s hard to say why I loved this film without giving away its beautiful suprises but lets just say it sweetly translates how grief and loss are the void where love once was. Creativity springs from its presence and the timeless quality of both things move between us in a perpetual motion that can only be accepted with grace.

I don’t think I could watch it again but if you enjoy watching unique storytelling of the deep and existential variety, stick it on your list, but have some episodes of Friends to hand for when its over.

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