From Russia with no Love

Welcome to contemporary Russia….its a fascinating place. Boris works in an office that looks like any other boring insurance brokers or similar, but it’s a place where no one in the known history of the company has ever divorced due to the boss’s fundamental orthodox views. I can only assume this is an actual thing. Like I said; fascinating.

Back to the story; Boris is a quiet dullard who seems to have had his emotional responses surgically removed. His wife, Zhenya, is an unconscionable self-involved bitch of the highest order and together they make the most spectacularly dreadful parents. The premise for the film is the disappearance of their young son who runs away during one of their caustic arguments, but what you also get is a very well crafted depiction of expected duty, both marital and state and the impact that has on those under its strict regime.

The acting is fantastic, especially the kid and the obnoxious mother. I do sometimes wish that translation was more of an exact science so that I could truly get the essence of what was being said, but you get enough to still make this a great script.

I came to this film having watched Leviathan which is a fantastic film by the same director; Andrey Zyvagintsev – his social commentary delivery through insightfully crafted, often dark, characters and very beautiful cinematography makes him one to watch in my books.

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